Inspired by Patrick Mahomes, we created a character called Patrick Magoat. Our character doesn’t represent Patrick Mahomes, but is a fictional character created based on his style of play.

Patrick Mahomes II or as we call him Patrick Magoat has been setting the league on fire since the year 2018 with the chiefs. He’s known for his ambidexterity, incredible throwing arm, talent for making plays happen and for making the pro bowl every full year he has played. Mahomes is an impressive QB and the spark that led the chiefs to a superbowl win in 2019 in just his second full season. He inspired us to create a fictional character called Patrick Magoat.

What makes Patrick Mahomes so special is his talent and drive. At just 24 he became the youngest player in NFL history to win the league MVP and the superbowl MVP. His future looks bright and many people say that with his age, he has a chance to surpass the statistics of greats like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Drew Brees with ease.

We truely believe Patrick Mahomes has what it takes to be the next GOAT in the NFL.. Getting your hands on some unique mockup merch we have created like our Patrick Magoat character will give you something fun for the tailgate, great to hang in the office and the perfect mug to show off your fandom. Everything we created are our original mockup designs and we are not affiliated with Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City or the NFL. Patrick Magoat is a an original character and is not related to Patrick Mahomes, but inspired by Patrick Mahomes play in NFL. All sales are final when you make a purchase.