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Even when Patrick Mahomes plays badly, he does something you have never seen before. Mahomes played his worst game of the year on Sunday in the Kansas City Chiefs 34-28 win over the Denver Broncos. The Chiefs were cruising at 27-0 and driving for another score before the half when Mahomes threw interceptions on back-to-back series. Those two picks turned into 14 points for Denver – Mahomes would have another pass picked off in the second half – and what was a laugher suddenly became tight.

That, however, should never take away from the piece of Patrick Mahomes Magic – the type only the MaGoat can conjure – that we saw on one second-quarter play.

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Patrick Mahomes Magic

The play in question occurred with the Chiefs up just 6-0 barely into the second quarter. On 3rd-and-2 and with the Chiefs on barely their side of the field, Mahomes did this:

Scrambling toward both the line of scrimmage and the sideline, Mahomes wasn’t even looking at Jerick McKinnon after gesturing for McKinnon to dash upfield behind the converging Broncos defense. After brushing off one defender – and with another flying towards him with his arms outstretched – Mahomes flipped the ball with an underarm sling into the path of the sprinting McKinnon.

McKinnon adjusted to keep his feet, and as the announcer proclaimed that Mahomes “Will just chuck it ahead,” McKinnon was catching the ball and sprinting up the right boundary for a 56-yard touchdown reception.

It was the type of play most other quarterbacks wouldn’t even dream about, let alone see at the speed of an NFL game and be able to execute. Mahomes tried to force some passes as this game went on – something that will have to change as the Chiefs enter the playoffs and the margins get finer – but this play was an astonishing piece of ingenuity from one of the best quarterbacks to bring his own unique sandbox of skills into the league.

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