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Patrick Mahomes Is Underappreciated

It is wild how underappreciated Patrick Mahomes is at this point in his career. Mahomes plays quarterback at a different level – it is why he is the GOAT of GOATs – which is why his unprecedented numbers don’t get close to the recognition they deserve.

Patrick Mahomes Underappreciated

It feels like Mahomes has had to earn his spot in the MVP race this year alongside the likes of Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa, even though he is clearly outperforming both of them.

This Twitter post sums up the argument as to why Mahomes is underappreciated perfectly.

What is making Mahomes so special this season is the adjustments that he has made to keep himself at the top of the NFL. Losing Hill would have destroyed most quarterbacks – look at the issues Aaron Rodgers is having without Davante Adams in the Packers’ lineup – but Mahomes does as good of a job as any quarterback in history of utilizing all the weapons he has on the field.

Part of this is due to Andy Ried and his ability as a play caller and the way he structures the game plan, but much of it is down to the greatness of Mahomes. It certainly helps t have a security blanket like Travis Kelce, but while Mahomes uses Kelce extensively – and while Kelce draws so much attention that even when the ball isn’t thrown his way, he impacts every play – Mahomes has that innate ability to get through his reads and put the ball in a spot where his guy is the only one who can make a play on it.

Records Falling

Mahomes is always breaking records. The most recent mark to fall to the Magoat is the record for the most touchdowns in history through a player’s first 75 games. The record was the 173 touchdowns tossed by Dan Marino – Rodgers is way behind in third with 148 – but after four more touchdown passes this weekend, Mahomes moved up to 176.

This means he broke Marino’s long-standing record by three passes but astonishingly, Mahomes has only played 72 games. This means that Mahomes can take this number out of sight over his next three games, moving the record up over 180 by the time he finishes his 75th game.

Another stat that speaks to Mahomes’ greatness is this. Since Mahomes took over as the Chiefs’ starting quarterback in 2018, Kansas City is 13-0 in games where they lost by at least 10 points at some point. This includes games in postseason play.

This gives Mahomes a winning percentage of 59% in such games. Mahomes is the only quarterback IN THE HISTORY OF THE LEAGUE with a winning record in such games. Wildly, Tim Tebow (5-6) is second. Tom Brady (37.5%) and Russell Wilson (30.2%) are second and third among active quarterbacks, with neither being in the same stratosphere as Mahomes’ number.

This tells you that the Chiefs are never out of a game with Mahomes in the lineup. They score fast, drive quickly, and have a quarterback that doesn’t feel pressure. Mahomes’ greatness is just beginning, but that doesn’t mean that what he is doing should be overlooked in the way that it is.

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